Breathing Space

Breathwork and Yoga, Workshops and Retreats

Breathing Space was started in 2018 by Benedict Beaumont and Jennifer Nolan. 

Hi, my name is Benedict, and I am from Brighton. I teach and facilitate yoga in a number of styles, including Hatha, Flow and Yin yoga. I am passionate about breathwork and the transformative and healing power it can have on our lives. When not teaching yoga, I am a secondary school (high school) teacher in various schools in the UK. I met Jen on Everest in 2011 and knew immediately that she was the one for me. We have since travelled extensively, lived all over the world, but have now returned to Brighton to start teaching yoga and breathwork.

Hello! I've been on my yoga journey for the past 15 years practicing everything from Bikram yoga to Kundalini, but only recently decided to begin teaching. During a tough time in my life with a debilitating injury, I was fortunate enough to come across yin yoga which I credit with allowing me to rehabilitate and even perform better. I have since developed a passion for yin yoga and all things to do with myofascial tissue.  Aside from being a Registered Nurse, I am happiest outdoors, I also love to cook, bake and to ferment foods. After meeting Ben on Everest 7 years ago, I knew life would never been the same again. I uprooted from Canada to move to England and have been on this wild journey ever since!